Three weeks left in the semester, nine days until Earth Day and it's Easter weekend. I've been knitting more than I've been blogging lately. I'm trying to get ready for Earth Day next weekend. This will be the first time I've been a vendor. For anyone in the Richmond area, we will be under the name, "Three Girls and A Dream". It's exciting and yet scary at the same time.

Some of the recent items I've knitted are listed on my site at:

A scarf I call "And Then There Was Water" - it reminds me of what the water might have looked like when the world was first created.

Another item is a scarf called "Fall in Appalachia"

I also finished a shawl called "Summer Dreamin' "

I've also finished two stoles that I've not taken pictures of because I'm trying to figure out how to best photograph them.

Still working on my socks with yarn from I'm almost finished with the first sock. My hope is to begin the second sock before I leave for my mission trip in May. I also have some dishcloth yarn for the trip. I'm looking for small projects for the plane trip and van rides.

Last night started a scarf with the red silk I used in the "Let's Go Wanderin' " Purse posted in an earlier entry. I also purchased a boucle' from Manasi at that is the same colorway as the jeweled tone silk in the purse. Hope to have pictures posted soon.

After this show, I'm ready to move beyond scarves -- but I do love them as short projects in between more complicated longer projects. My goal for the summer is shawls, more purses begin Donald's sweater and more socks. Everyone on my Christmas list is getting socks this year. Oh yea, I'm not finished with scarves yet - I purchased some beautiful mohair this past weekend at the Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival (more about that in another posting).

Got to go to class.


yarnahoy said…
Look at all this new stuff!!!
I love the "And Then There Was Water". It's unreal.
Lisa said…
You're too, too kind :)

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