Dog Days of Summer

It's hot. Nothing more to say about the heat. I'm trying to cool off by getting winter items ready for a fall Arts and Craft Festival as well as my own open house in November. After looking at my collection of knitted items, it's clear that I am an earthy person. I read somewhere that you knit the colors of where you live. For me, I think I knit the colors of where my heart desires to be. It is beautiful here in Central Virginia, but I am a mountain girl at heart. There is nothing like the Appalachian mountains and I long to live there again. Until then, I will continue to knit the colors of my heart to satisfy my longing.

This is what I've been up to this summer... all items are listed on my Etsy site.

White Angora Scarf

This yarn was purchased at the Spring Fiber Festival in Sedalia, VA (see link to the right) this past spring from "Gatherings" from VA. When I find their card I'll post a link to their site.

Spice Neck Cozy

Another creation made possible by the beautiful yarns of Manasi from Monsoon Winds (

Earthy Beaded Scarf

Again, from Monsoon Winds

At Waters' Edge Stole/Scarf - a blend of novelty yarns of blue and brown fur and a yarn with a blend of ribbon, fur and stretchy nylon.

All That Glitters Stole/ Scarf

A blend of metallic ribbon and fur yarn.

Until yet next time....


Mary said…
Pretty Stuff! :-)
yarnahoy said…
They're all gorgeous Lisa!!
You're fast!

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