Five months since my last post

This is the first morning in five months that I have been able to catch my breath. I knew the last semester of seminary was going to be hectic but I did not know the plans in store for me. In December I began working part-time (going full-time in July) at the seminary. In addition to my course and internship hours, I feel like I'm working two full-time jobs. But this too shall pass.

I have been knitting like crazy, especially chemo and preemie hats. Photos to be uploaded later this weekend.

The big news is that a month ago, I taught myself to crochet. I was working on a vest for afghans for Afghans and needed to single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc) around the edges. I could have asked my friend RB to crochet for me but instead I drove to her house and said "Is this right? Is this how you crochet?" In less than an hour I had both sc and dc around the edge of the vest, made buttons holes and was ready to do the armholes. No pun intended but I am hooked. I've crocheted another vest and beginning a ripple blanket to send with the vests. I also have two others baby blankets in progress. One will be finished tomorrow. The other in a few weeks.

As I've crocheted, I have felt a deep connection with my grandmother. I know she is smiling as she watches my hands work. When I was 8 she taught me to chain stitch. I never could get the turn and then single down the chain. I tried again when I was a teenager, still no progress. Even three months ago, I tried and could not get it. I think the Spirit moved through me, because it feels like I have been crocheting all of my life. I know that knitting has helped me understand loops and stitches. I'm joining The No-End-In-Sight Ripple Along to help me work on the latest baby blanket. As I watch the war in Afghanistan I can't help but worry for the women and children.

Off to class and work. Will upload pictures tomorrow.



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