It's sunny and cold here in Richmond. The birds are dancing outside my window - it's as if they are saying "Let us in!" I'm almost finished with the red bag. Of course, it is not turning out at all like I thought it would. I imagined a lovely clutch evening bag, but as the pattern began to emerge,

it has become a 7x7 bag with a skinny shoulder strap. I have three more rows to knit and then I can block and sew together and add a 36-48" shoulder strap. I'm lining the bag with a dark blue lining.

The vibrant colors remind me of Tibet, Afghanistan or India (The native home of Manasi who created this silk yarn). I love that this bag has an international flair and that each stitch is tightly held together by another stitch. Knitting really does represent life. I shouldn't be surprised that the bag has turned out to be something more wonderful than I imagined, because isn't that how life is? Life never turns out as I imagine and when I let God take control, I just need to hang on for the ride!

Off to class. I can't wait to finish this bag. It should be on my Etsy site by the weekend. I hate parting with items such as this but I know the owner has already been picked out, even if they don't know it yet.



yarnahoy said…
Just beautiful!
You are indeed a visionary when it comes to deciding the use of a yarn.
Lisa said…
Thank you Manasi. Your yarn is so wonderful to work with and the final product definitely becomes a one of a kind.

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