I haven't been here in a while and I've missed sorting through my thoughts. My brother and his family were visiting with us the past few days. What blessed fun having a three-year-old roaming around the house!

I was able to knit, a little. I'm getting yarn together to begin knitting socks. Hope to have some pictures up tomorrow.

Just finished the wildest thing I've knitted to date. I call it the "Phyllis Diller Get Your Purse" Bag. I know I'm dating myself but it reminds me of a hat or purse that Phyllis Diller would wear or carry. I came up with the name after thinking about the musical "Annie Get Your Gun". Here's a picture. I've listed it on my esty site at
http://www.sacredpathways.etsy.com. The bag is a combination of blueish green wool and blue green fun fur. I like the shape of the bag and will probably knit one for myself without the fun fur.

The handsewn lining is a cotton polyester blend with blue and green flowers trimmed in gold.

Having difficulty loading pictures today. All photos of this bag are on the etsy site.

It was a fun bag to knit. It was knit in the round. I learned how to knit an I-Cord for this purse. Once I figured out the method, it was easy.

The more I look at this bag, the more it reminds me of family gatherings - a little wild and hairy but strong and stable.


yarnahoy said…
It looks like if you rub it - it might purr.
Lisa said…
I think it does purr! My nephew thought it was a pillow. Hope you are well
Susan said…
Love your bag and yes, it does remind one of Phyliss Diller!

Lisa said…
Susan - I'm glad someone else saw Phyliss in this bag :). Love your blog.


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