I've resisted knitting all day because I'm suppose to be working on a paper for theology class. Just as I suspected, as soon as I picked up my knitting needles the structure of the paper came to me. There is something mysterious about the power of slowing down and focusing while knitting.

I wanted to post these photos before I went back to the paper. The yarn I'm using came from
www.yarnahoy.etsy.com. The first yarn is called "Almost Bloody Mary" and it is handspun Silky Ingeo vegetarian yarn. Ingeo is corn fiber. I agree with Manasi's description in that the color is a shade somewhere between wine & tomato! The second yarn is called "Jewels of the Nizam". The color in this handpainted silk yarn are red, purple, blue and green. I can just see a royal crown made of these colors.

I bought this yarn a month ago and have been sitting with it contemplating what it would become. The longer I wait the more I see an evening clutch bag. I knitting the two yarns together because silk yarn is very fragile and I do not want it to split or not be able to withstand use. I plan to line the bag with black silk.

Attached is the first photo of the swatch I made a few minutes ago.
At first I thought I would use a size 6 needle but the swatch is too bulky. After switching to a size 4 I like the tightness of the stitches and the way it lays flat. I only knitted two rows of stockinette stitch but I can already tell that will be the stitch I use for the bag. It is difficult to see in this photo the difference in the stitch size. Also, the photo makes the yarn look a little orangey but it really does look like a blend of dark red wine and a juicy tomato!

The colors are so vibrant - I can only imagine how stunning this will look with a summer linen dress or silk shawl.

The second photo shows my notes on how I determined the stitch to use.

Okay, I'm really going to finish my paper - it's due at 11 tomorrow.


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