Finished DH sweater

Finally finished knitting DH sweater that I started May 2004 while on the trip to Bosnia. Now onto sewing seams and blocking. We both think the sweater is now too small for him. If so, it will go to Uncle Gray and if it's too small for him then it will go to afghans for Afghanistan. I'll post photos later.

I've finished 45% of the Wildfoote Ragtime sock since returning from the beach. Today I spent most of my time on Ravelry posting enough sock yarn for 31 socks - that doesn't include the stash I bought at the beach. I'm glad I've joined a knit down the stash group. Between my two part-time jobs, classes and life at home, I'll be hard pressed to knit 31 socks but I'm going to try.

Recently finished this Herringbone Lace sock in Cascade Fixation Solid. Pattern from Ann Budd's Getting Started: Knitting Socks. Size 8

Pattern was easy to memorize. The yarn is yummy. I have two skeins of this colorway left as well as 4 in Hokie colors.

We're enjoying watching football games - me with my knitting and DH and his Weavette.
He is using his grandmother's Weavette to make a blanket for us.


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