Spring Cleaning

After a rather harsh winter, I'm ready to jump into some new projects. It's pollen season around here and for the past two days everything is covered with a yellowish-green film. Today I could see the pollen floating across the lawn as the wind blew. It's also gardening time. DH has been working on getting the soil conditioned. Yesterday he and his brother spread horse manure and today he tilled it into the ground. English peas, cabbage and broccoli are already coming up. I cannot wait for a fresh pea salad, some steamed broccoli and Asian coleslaw in a few weeks. Yum!

Even more exciting is that I'm creating a new studio. My needlework, knitting, crocheting, beading and scrapbook projects are all over the house! Photos are here. How did this craziness begin the week before Easter? The most holy and busy time (especially if you are on a church staff as I am). I've been dreaming of a wall hanging for my office. The scene is one of my most favorite spots in Burkes Garden, VA. Back to the wall hanging. A meeting with a friend in a LFS lead to a conversation about quilting - the next thing I new, I was headed to Quilting Adventures, signing up for a few classes and while I was there I found a book by Judith Baker Montana called Fibreart Montage and there were images of fabric art that I had been dreaming about for my wall hanging.

After coming home with yet another bag of supplies, I realized I needed to get myself organized. In discussing my dilemma with DH, he suggested I switch rooms and use the former guest room as my craft room. This suggest came as we were going to bed - mistake! I stayed awake all night dreaming of how I wanted my studio space to look. Notice, I'm calling it a studio (and so is he - now). The next morning, I looked the two rooms over and wondered why we had not come up with the idea sooner. The new space is twice as large as the old space and one where I can actually work. By the end of next week the two rooms should be complete. My favorite magazine, Where Women Create, has been inspirational and affirming.

Needless to say, I'm still pacing myself. I recovered from assisting and attending seven services in four days and I'm preaching this Sunday. But after Sunday, watch out!


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