Wintery Day Stitching

Like much of the south, the world is coming to a stand-still in Richmond due to the wintery weather we are experiencing. I love, love the snow but not a big fan of sleet and freezing rain. I worked from home most of the day, only going out for meeting a friend. In between phone calls and projects, I'm working on this bit of stitching. It's "Hole in the Barn Door" by Diane Phalen. I've actually completed quiet a bit but since I started this on our honeymoon in December 2001, well you'd think I'd be finished by now. I stopped stitching for many years and recently began again. I've missed it. I would like to finish this before our 10th anniversary in November. By my calculations (that's a scary thought) I need to complete 10 blocks a week to have it finished by September so it can be framed. I would like to think that I can commit to this deadline especially as I would like to give this to my love as a gift.

Stay safe and dry today. Blessings, Lisa


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