Sketchbook Challenge - January

I've kept journals for years. They have been sacred places for me to keep my innermost thoughts - the good, the bad and the ugly. I've explored dreams, discerned, written prayers, cried and jotted notes in them. Occasionally there is a doodle but that's not really my style. As my interest in art has broadened this past year, I've read more and more about keeping a sketch book. I actually started one a few years ago without realizing it. It's my record of knitting and crochet projects. I don't remember where or how I found The Sketchbook Challenge - perhaps it found me. I can tell it is already changing my life. The January challenge is to sketch something Highly Prized. I made a list, well, I am an ESTJ on the Myers-Briggs scale, and then pushed myself from there - I added doodle's and then ideas for new projects began to flow. My doodle's are simple but I can see the beginning of new creations in them.

This morning I pushed myself further and added color!

The sketches that are being shared on the group's Flickr page are amazing! I looking forward to growing and stretching myself through this challenge.


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