Allow me to introduce you to...

I realized yesterday that I haven't posted any photos of my three darling cats.

Achilles, a fifteen (16 next month) year-old calico. Nickname: Killie Willie. I discovered Achilles at the Richmond SPCA when she was four weeks old. She is the queen of the house. Don't let her petite size or her age fool you. She can jump like a kitten and roar like a ferocious lioness. She comes to you on her own terms but has never met a stranger she didn't like. Here she is helping her Dad play his nightly game of Spider solitaire.


Holly, aka Holly Louise or Holly Wolly, is a twelve-year-old grey, tan and white calico, with the exact opposite personality of Achilles. Quiet and shy, Holly will run at the first sound of thunder or a stranger's voice. She is however, the knitty kitty. Wherever I am, there is Holly. She tries to curl herself up into whatever knitting project I'm working on. Mohair is her favorite fiber. Holly was hubby's cat before we were married. She is still quiet aggravated that two other cats invaded her home, but she is quiet pleased with her Momma.

Last but not least, China, aka China Baby, is
a nine-year-old solid black little panther cuddle kitty. China is the shyest cat of the three, she never makes a sound, except for the occasional baby meow. She and Holly do not like each other - the sibling rivalry is intense. They sleep on opposite sides of the bed and walk wide circles around one another. China has a black spot on the inside of her mouth. She loves to sit on hubby's lap and watch NCAA basketball or curled up under his arm under the covers on a cold winter's night.


Mary said…
Your kitties are cute! I love calicos - I think they have the best temperaments. I have one myself who is quite the sweetie.
lexa said…
Your kitties are beautiful! I have three myself, two brother/sister that are 10, and the other will be 8 in the fall. All three are bobtails and are my babies!

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