Saturday Musings

The first cup of coffee is in hand and Holly is settling in beside me (hoping to share some of her own thoughts as she did yesterday). Yesterday we took it easy. DH watched every basketball and football game he could find. By the end of the evening he was quiet bored and a little nervous that the two to three weeks of recovery from wrist surgery that he will have on Thursday is going to be much the same. Since it is his left hand and he is left-handed, my honey-do list will be very short.

We're also adjusting to not having China, she's the black kitty. She passed away on Monday due to chronic kidney failure. Holly seems to have made the transition easier than hubby and I have. I think Holly has waited 16 years to be the only feline in the family. She's receiving more than double the attention and is soaking it all in. Time will heal our broken hearts but it is easier knowing that she crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now with Nigel, Belle and Achilles.

Today holds many chores as we prepare for DH's surgery. We're transplanting a few azaleas, watching the Virginia Tech vs. Virginia game at 12:30 p.m. and decorating the tree. In between these projects, I'm finishing an embroidery piece for a favorite 13 year-old's Christmas present (I'll post pictures when it is complete.) I'll work on Mom's jacket Friday since I'll be home with the patient. Speaking of Mom, the Thanksgiving cactus she gave me this summer has bloomed. It's a gorgeous shade of orangey salmon.

I'm also continuing to work on Dad's scrapbook. I'm almost finished with the paper layouts. I'm waiting for a new blade for my Silhouette to arrive so I can complete the embellishments. Then onto journaling. It seems my pattern is to create the layout and embellish as much as I can before using the Silhouette - I like to do all of my cutting at the same time.Then I journal. I allow the stories on the pages suggest how I will record the events in words. Sometimes I type and sometimes I hand write.

I found these templates this morning and can't wait to try them. I also love the idea of creating a page a week. Since we do not have children, my weekly pages will not only include the tidbits of our lives but also our families and extended families and friends.Since I'm digi scrapping more and more and am developing an organized system of my files I hope I can stick with this. Perhaps this will be the beginning of something new with the recording of our lives.

I'm also itching to do some cross-stitch. Many years ago, cross-stitch was my one and only passion (next to reading). As I began knitting, I gave up cross-stitching and sold most of my supplies - lesson learned, even if I make a serious transition to digi scrapping, I will not give up my paper because I know I will return to it. I'm working hard at holding off on a major project until after Christmas, or perhaps to begin at Christmas. I may try a few small ornaments but really, I have too much to complete.

I'm smelling French toast and it's time for another cup of java. Enjoy each moment of the day.

Blessings on the journey,


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