36 Days Until Christmas

How long until Christmas? 36 Days, 20 Hours, and 2 Minutes - piece of cake for those who are making Christmas gifts. Yikes, 36 days to complete Dad's scrapbook and Mom's I Can't Believe It's A Sweatshirt Jacket, not to mention a few other handmade items.

Originally, I had planned for Dad's scrapbook to be all paper but last night I thought, why not make a hybrid book. I could do digital layouts of photos of our family and paper layouts from his childhood and his family. Here is a photo I worked on this morning.

The frame and word art is from Jessica Sprague's Frame Up and Special Effects. I love all of Jessica's classes - as a teacher none can compare. It's great taking an online class that has printed materials as well as videos. I normally watch the video and stop it along the way and then work on my project.

Here is the finished page.
Yellow Paper and Flower button - Funkarooni by Amy Sumrall
Journal Circle - Faith Sisters Birthday
Teal Paper - Live TW Stories - Wave - Jessica Sprague

I have all day tomorrow and Saturday to dedicate to the scrapbook. My plan is to finish the paper pages - that includes journaling, titles, etc. and then move onto the digi pages.

Another thought that came to me last night is that Mom's jacket maybe too big. She has lost weight since I bought the sweatshirt in the spring. Even if it is too big, my Mom will wear it because it was made by me. That's the wonderful thing about my Mom.

Here's to getting through the next 36 days.

Blessings on the journey,


Anonymous said…
That sounds like a lovely project. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

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